Can We All Agree?

July 26, 2016 — 1 Comment

It’s a tense time. I think that is fairly self-evident. In all honesty, things have been tense within the country and really the world for a long time but it probably just seems more so every now and then with now being one of those.

I was thinking there has to be a way to get people on the same, or at least, an even page with each other. To that point I feel like Will Ferrell in those old SNL House of Commons sketches where he starts out his ridiculous lines with “Can we all agree…?”

So here goes:

Can we all agree that..

-Police have a difficult job?

-Difficult does not excuse incompetence, prejudice or an unwillingness to hold those who abuse their power accountable?

-Not every situation where an officer or officers interact with someone is automatically suspect and most of them are doing their best?

-There are some systematic things that still harm minorities in this country?

-The average person probably wouldn’t want anyone being at a disadvantage because of their race/religion/gender etc.. and that most of those issues are bigger than any one person you might meet?

-Neither the DNC or GOP are offering great options for POTUS this election?

-The system is really problematic and that primaries are the biggest way this can be helped or made worse in the future?

-That uninformed people voting may not be the best thing?

-That misinformed people voting is not any better?

-That people blinded by bias/hatred is worse?

-That it’s very difficult to have honest, reasonable, discussions in the public sphere about race, religion, sexuality?

-That part of the difficulty is that the media we entrust to facilitate are too often biased one way or the other?

-That they are that way because the market tells them there’s a big enough audience who wants that (see FoxNews and MSNBC)?

-That some people who disagree with you aren’t evil?

-That some people who agree with you might be?

-That its possible to have an opinion on matters regarding sexuality, race, immigration, war, economics, culture and not hate a single person?

-That sadly some people do hate others and that does inform their opinion?

-That we shouldn’t assume hatred by someone simply based on a conclusion they might have?

-That many of our systems, institutions work and that is why so many want to live in this country and why America has been so prosperous?

-That at the same time, there are institutions, systems and people in power who have failed us and need to be fixed?

-That it is possible to want to secure our borders and at the same time care and respect the dignity of people wanting to come to this country?

-That the best rule of thumb for being Politically Correct should be for people to try and not be a jerk as best they can?

-That if they accidentally offend someone, its just that, an accident?

-That people who purposefully offend others aren’t really helping anyone and just kind of being a jerk?

-That there are times when two parties might offend each other regardless of how much they try not to but their views are just that opposite?

-That kind of situation is really unfortunate and not one we should strive for?

That’s what I have for now. We have a culture right now built on being combative because frankly, there’s money and power in that as opposed to people getting along even if they disagree. Stop being manipulated.





One response to Can We All Agree?

    Judy Beth Clark July 26, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Finally – someone making sense out of this time in our country: “We have a culture right now built on being combative because frankly, there’s money and power in that. . .

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